Curriculum vitae

Christian Wagenknecht is a Professor of computer science at the University of Applied Science Zittau/Görlitz since 1993. For a certain time he served as chair of education and co-dean of the computer science department and was elected as the departments dean before its restructuring to be part of a new faculty in 2009.

He received his PhD in computer science in 1987. His main interests in research are
focused on new pedagogical approaches in teaching computer science and mathematics on different levels. He has developed didactical software and educational materials partly using Scheme supporting a language-based approach teaching abstract ideas.

He mainly teaches theoretical aspects of computer science, XML-based technologies and systems generation, and developent of web applications. For many years he has lectured on paradigms of programming using Scheme for freshman classes comparable to the CS 1 courses provided by other Universities.

Over the years he published about 100 papers and (co-)authored 21 books.

He did some scientific work on different places in Germany and abroad (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, Japan, Denmark, China, Singapore, Hong Kong) which includes both short termed as well as long termed visits and contributions to conferences.

Christian Wagenknecht is married since 1980. His wife Doris works as a teacher for mathematics and geography at a secondary school (called Gymnasium) in Löbau. Their son, Martin Wagenknecht, studied biology at the Philipps University Marburg. He then went to the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (IMMB) and received his PhD (doctoral thesis, Dr.rer.nat.) in the fields of microbiology and genetics in October 2010.