Experimental equipments, Experiments and Instructions

in Zittau:

Laboratory „Automation Technology – Prozessautomatisierung/Regelungstechnik"

RSCrC: Rotation Speed Control with rigid Coupling


TCsB: Temperature Control of a solid Body


SCD: Sequence Control of a Drilling Machine


CoAN: Compressed Air Net

Laboratory „CAE/Project Planning – Projektierung mechatronischer Systeme"


Aucoplan: CAE-System Aucoplan

in Liberec:

Laboratory „Automation Technology – Prozessautomatisierung/Regelungstechnik"


RSCFB: Rotation Speed Control with Flexible Binding


TCFW: Temperature Control of Flowing Water


CMS: Control of a Manipulator with SIMATIC S7


Laboratory „Mechatronics - Modellierung und Simulation mechatronischer Systeme"

Heat Exchanger/Wärmeübertrager

Rotational Speed Control/Drehzahlregelung

Watt Controller/Fliehkraftregelung


Einführung in Matlab

Einführung in Simulink